By Marsh H. McCall Jr.

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Such features of style as purity (TO 'EAA'Y]vl~Ef,V), grandeur (ÖYKOS) , propriety (TO 7TpE7TOV) , See above, p. 3 As in Roberts' translation. 38 Rhet. I406b24-2S. 39 For a full discussion of this textual difficulty, see M. I407aIS and ILI4I3as," RhM III (1968) IS9-I63. 40 See below, p. 4S. 36 37 Aristotle rhythm, and periodic structure are discussed in chapters 5-9 . ess or vivacity): Again metaphor is lauded for conveymg this quality in the highest degree, and ElKdJV is also found praiseworthy in that it closely resembles metaphor.

S3 Ib4-7) but-not to draw out the comparison48 with strokes of the plectrum and the musician' s complaints of too responsive and too reluctant strings-I drop the figure, and tell you that I do not mean these people. Here ElKWV refers to the torture imagery that has been applied to the approach of the "worthies" to harmony, and Socrates refuses to continue the strained and unattractive figure. 49 There is one passage from a later dialogue, the Politicus, in which ELKdJV refers in part to simile.

One should raise an objection against oneself; one should not be too insistent; furthermore, av ß\ , \, \ \ \ t' ~ ~,"\ Kat, TO WS €V 7Tapa OI\'[J 7TPOT€f,V€I,V· TO yap ot, al\l\o 7TPOT€t,v6fL€VOV KaI. LTJ Öl,' aVTO xpljal,fLov TdMaat. fL&AAOV. (8. I. I S6b2s-27) 10 II Rhet. 1393bI8. , 1393b3I. 27 Ancient Rhetorical Theories of Simile and Comparison formulate your premiss [sie] as though it were a mere illustration: for people admit the more readily a proposition made to serve some other purpose, and not required on its own aee~unt.

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